women and friendship

Friday, February 10, 2006

my women friends

I m sure every woman will agree with me how important it is to have other woman friends.
i am lucky to have many good girl friends.
Today after all that hullaboo in the gym, it was just a cup of tea at starbucks and chat with my girlfriend that calmed me. We chatted, complained about fitness first, talked about our husbands and kids for about 45 mins and left cheerful and happy to tackle the rest of the day.
i m one of those women whose husband works in a foreign country, has long working hours. So the responsibities of raising kids and home lies with me.
So chatting with girlfriends is like a visit to spa, or taking a happy outing for me and them too.
All the women friends i have, are wives of busy professionals. We all have come to a foreign country with our husbands. All of us have no extended families here. We often meet at each other for tea or for lunches. We chat, we discuss, we gossip and we have fun. Our kids too meet and play with each other.
A problem that u have with ur kid, could be discussed and so much advice u get at such meetings. U and ur husband disagree on something, but talking with a friend could make u think in different perspective.
You learn about each others culture, food specialities, etc. One of my friends, at the time of birth of her second child, her elder kid was sick, so both of them were in hospital,my friend for delivery and her kid as she was sick. All others, we were 5/6 friends at that time, took turns making lunches/dinners for them, one or two girls volunteered to stay with the elder child all day while she and her husband in labor. And all of us felt happy at the birth of her beautiful baby and recovery of her elder child.
Also we all follow different cultures, speak different languages, but it never made a difference to friendship. In fact, we accomodate all the differences, like one friend of mine eats only vegetarian, that too a certain particular diet, she doesnt eat even eat onion, garlic etc. All of us easily make a seperate food for her, even though we cooking totally different menu for others. For me, all of them make a low fat, low sugar, less oil food. All this , because we are friends.
We disagree too...on many things(buts that's a different story and a topic for new blog) ;-)